Quite simply: We remove load bearing walls to open up floor plans. Serving the Greater Toronto Area we have successfully and soundly removed 100’s of walls to allow people to enjoy a more open floor plan.

We specialize in removing walls that support weight from above. It has been our experience that 90% of the walls in your home are bearing some sort of weight. Let us come in to safely and securely remove an unwanted wall in your home at a fair price.

We’ve been removing load bearing walls in the Greater Toronto Area for over 10 years, and have refined our process into a smooth operation.

One of the great trends that has taken place in Toronto and in many areas of the world, is open floor plans. Removing or opening up a wall in your home or business can create the open concept look you’ve been looking for.

Ensuring that the removal of a wall doesn’t impact the structural integrity of your house, is one of our main concerns. We’ll use the right beams to make sure that the structure and integrity of your house is kept intact, and at optimal strength. Anything can be achieved, it’s all a matter of putting the correct structures in place, and making sure that the correct demolition and building procedures are followed and adhered to.

Let Elite Renovators turn your old space into your new space!

Whether you’re looking to revamp your home with a renovation project or open up some space by removing a wall, we’re here to help.


Why remove a load bearing wall? Achieve that open concept look that everyone loves. Large kitchens are made more efficient and family rooms more comfortable.


Looking to gain a higher resale value for your home? By removing a wall and opening up space, you can gain a more modern and attractive look that buyers are looking for. Also, larger spaces provide a fresh, open, and modern feel – opposed to several closed-in rooms that often serve as “claustrophobic zones”. Removing that wall provides flow and harmony allowing seamless transitions between areas.  Contact Elite Renovators and we’ll remove that unwanted wall properly.

Do I need a building permit?

Yes, a building permit is definitely required by the city because removing a load bearing wall affects the structure of your home.  A permit requires you to submit blueprints/drawings from a qualified engineer.  The permit outlines the work in detail for the city such as square footage, joist sizes, roof loads, and whatnot. The city reviews the engineers design to ensure that the beam size is sufficient for the load it is carrying, and that the plan is completed to building codes.  At Elite Renovators you need not worry we take care of the details, and have great relationships with some of Toronto’s best engineers.

How is the job engineered?

An engineer will provide plans, including load calculations, to determine the size and type of beam needed. Depending on the application chances are a hybrid beam with metal and wood, or laminated veneer lumber (LVL), a high-strength engineered beam, is used. Once we have a plan and approved drawings, we’ll efficiently remove the wall and open up your space safely and properly.

How is a Load Bearing Wall Removed?

A simple walk-through:  Approximately 18” of the ceiling drywall is cut and removed from both sides of the wall. Temporary walls are then installed to support loads from above. We’ll also assess if other trades are needed, i.e., plumbing, electrical, HVAC, as these may need to be moved or relocated. The load bearing wall is removed and the beam is set in place with either wood columns or steal columns.

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Load Bearing Wall Removal

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